About Us


The Multiplex group of companies were originally founded by Peter Murray in January 1988. At that time, the companies were subsidiaries of a holding group called L&P (an Irish based company).

In July 1997 the companies demerged from L&P and became subsidiaries of Corlea Limited wholly owned by the Senior Directors. In May 2009, the Multiplex group of companies joined Perspective Financial Group, a leading national advisory group. The existing Chief Executive, Peter Murray continues to manage the businesses at a local level whilst benefiting from the economies of scale and additional expertise that a national group provides.

Our success has been based on our culture of innovation, drive and our commitment to establish strong and honest relationships with our clients.

We have built our service on honesty, integrity and understanding to create strong working relationships that produce results. We adopt a strict Treating Customers Fairly policy as an integral part of the firm’s culture.
The Multiplex group of companies is based in offices in the centre of Manchester.